Fall 2019 | Masthead


Back Row Left to Right: Trinity Gutierrez, Mary-Claire Potts, Logan Tozzi, and Steven Rivera
Front Row Left to Right: Ni Mo, Bobi Gutierrez, Dr. Lauren Fath, Julia Gonzalez, and Jennie Vatoseow
Not Pictured: Ciara Sanchez and Margo Taylor

Steven Rivera, Editor

Mary-Claire Potts, Editor

Jennie Vatoseow, Editor

Logan Tozzi, Reader

Ni Mo, Reader

Trinity Gutierrez, Reader

Bobi Gutierrez, Reader

Julia Gonzalez, Reader

Ciara Sanchez, Reader

Margo Taylor, Reader

Dr. Lauren Fath, Faculty Adviser 

Dr. Jill Talbot, Founding Member