2020 Update

Letter from the Editors

Dear New Mexico Review Community,

We know we haven’t been as active this past year as we have been in the past. For this reason, on behalf of the New Mexico Review Editors, we would like to extend a most sincere apology to our community. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we were unprepared for the unexpected nature of the events that followed: subsequent shut down, movement to solely online communication, and a lack of availability within our staff. Because of these factors, we made the decision to put publication on hold until we could better understand and adjust to the reality of online communication and the difficulties it would bring. Unfortunately, we neglected to inform our community of this decision, again, we extend our sincerest apologies.

As things have begun to settle down, and we have been able to come to terms with the new “normal” we wanted to let you all know that we plan to kick off the Spring right. We will be opening submissions January 15th of the New Year 2021, so send us your best work. We are not gone and we are still alive so please help us start again—we look forward to seeing what you have been writing!