New Mexico Review, the literary journal of New Mexico Highlands University, is located in Las Vegas, New Mexico, where the Sangre de Cristo Mountains meet the Great Plains. Founded by Spanish settlers in 1835, Las Vegas was once a stop on the Santa Fe Trail and boasts 900 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Railroad Avenue District that houses the historic La Castaneda Hotel, which hosted the first reunion of Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders after the Spanish-American War. When the railroad arrived on July 4, 1879, it brought Las Vegas an overnight boom, rivaling cities such as Denver and El Paso. Although Las Vegas has settled down since its heyday, it’s history of railroad boom, outlaw culture, and an Old West struggle for self-determination still echoes throughout the city in its people, architecture, and culture.

New Mexico Review trailblazes new territory. Imagine a land that can’t be tamed, that rolls on through mountain peaks and past black-capped mesas, a land of golden plains expanding endlessly to the Eastern horizon impeded only by thirsty patches of speckled sage brush desert. New Mexico Review is raw and gritty. It’s thunder and trains, gunfights and horsemen. It’s wide open skies and walking rains. It’s conflict, conquest, survival. It’s a place where the pristine and rugged collide.

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